To move our work forward, the BEA has five Work Groups (WG): Communications, Funder Engagement, Participant Engagement, Research and the Weaver WG that acts as the steering committee for the BEA. Each Work Group strives to have representation from each of the sectors (grassroots, greens and philanthropy) to ensure broad perspective and input. In addition, an Internal Support Team helps with day-to-day operations.

Communications: Keeps the world apprised of the BEA’s progress, sharpens our shared narrative as a movement.

Funder Engagement: Supports efforts to expand funding in the environmental field to resource the grassroots organizing sector, maintains consistent and ongoing relationship with current and potential funders, raises funds to support BEA projects, including the BEAI Fund.

Participant Engagement: Builds alignment among diverse sectors, identifies relational resources, guides BEA strategy and efforts in building on such relational resources.

Research: Implements research projects, along with the development of the scope of work and fundraising for these projects.

Weaver: The Weaver Work Group acts as the steering committee for the BEA, and includes the other Work Group Co-Chairs, as well as a representative from all three sectors.

Internal Support Team (IST): Coordinates meetings and events, supports all Work Groups, raises the visibility of the BEA.

The Internal Support Team is led by Jennifer Near, BEA General Coordinator. Contact her at @email.