Communications and Technical Support

In response to Covid-19 BEA is offering the following communications and technical support services to our grassroots participants and EJ allies:

Zoom video-conferencing support - BEA staff has compiled a user-friendly manual for Zoom video conferencing which encapsulates many of the features that grassroots organizations may want to utilize. We’re also offering one-on-one support, whether it be answering setup questions, providing tutorials on specific video conferencing tools, or offering general tech support. 

Mailchimp support - Mailchimp is an intuitive and comprehensive platform for managing a mailing list (or listserv) and sending out eblasts. BEA staff has compiled a guide for Mailchimp and is available to consult on the program's features, help with setting up an account, designing messages, and troubleshooting. 

Social Media & Website support - BEA staff offers help to organizations who wish to start, revamp, or redirect their social media presence on Facebook and/or Twitter. BEA staff can provide some support as organizations develop their websites by providing a review and proofreading of website content and make recommendations for improving digital presence.

Additional communications platforms - There are a multitude of tools available to manage workflow, communications, and day to day tasks while working remotely. BEA staff offers to suggest platforms that come recommended and methods to find compatibility and efficiency between remote work styles. 

If you or your organization have suggestions for additional forms of support we would love to hear from you. For suggestions and communications or technical support requests, please contact Jennifer Caster (BEA Program Associate).