BEA Fund

The BEA Fund was born out of a shared recognition that in order for the environmental movement to be successful, it must support and resource grassroots groups to institutionalize community-based solutions to the ecological crisis.

The BEA is partnering with Grassroots International to move $10 million towards advancing the climate and environmental justice movements to help ensure that the grassroots sector has the necessary resources to replicate, expand, and scale its impact to create lasting solutions on the ground. Together, we believe that when grassroots organizations are resourced, and positioned in partnership with Greens and philanthropic allies, tremendous progress is possible.

Resource the roots

The BEA Fund at Grassroots International will work with a grassroots-led grantmaking team who knows where and how to best use resources in the field. The 2018 Fund Advisory Board has three grassroots representatives, one green representative and one funder representative:

The BEA Fund at Grassroots International uses rigorous criteria and a transparent grantmaking framework to support the grassroots organizing sector to advance the environmental and climate justice movement. 

For more information, see our Fund brochure, and for governance and grantmaking information, see our Fund Primer.