BEA Fund

The BEA Fund was born out of the BEA as a shared recognition that in order for the environmental movement to be successful, it must support and resource grassroots groups to institutionalize community-based solutions to the ecological crisis. The BEA Fund promotes four interlinked elements: 

  1. Support Community Organizing at the Forefront of Change
  2. Build Partnerships Across Sectors and Geographies
  3. Advance a Just Transition
  4. Build the Capacity of the Grassroots Sector

BEA Fund’s theory of change is rooted in the understanding that strong and effective environmental and climate policy and action can be achieved only through the participation and leadership of those communities most directly and harshly impacted, and by building a broad, diverse, and inclusive movement that can organize in all arenas (policy, electoral, media, direct action, etc.). Further, in order for grassroots organizations to meaningfully participate in the movement, they must have the resources to do so. 

Grassroots International (GRI) has been an instrumental partner, and we appreciate their support in managing the BEA Fund for the past several years. With support from GRI and the wisdom of the BEA Fund Advisory Board, the BEA Fund has been able to shift over $3.7 million dollars to the grassroots. We are deeply grateful to GRI for partnering with BEA on this endeavor, especially during its early years.

The 2020 BEA Fund Advisory Board: 

  • Bernadette Dementioff (grassroots organizing sector)
  • Robert Friedman, NRDC (green/ national environmental group representative)
  • Kat Gilje, Ceres Trust (philanthropic representative)
  • Jamesa Johnson, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition (grassroots organizing sector)
  • Richard Moore, Los Jardines Institute (grassroots organizing sector)

BEA is pleased to share the grantees of the 2020 BEA Fund cycle. Please visit these links for a list of 2018 Grantees and 2019 Grantees.

For more information, contact Danielle Freire, Development Director at