Join our Team! Communications Director

BEA is a BIPOC-led, growing, remote team who work in close collaboration with BEA members and partners to elevate the grassroots solutions that are key to our collective survival and wellbeing. BEA is hiring a Communications Director who will advance two critical areas of work for BEA: 

  1. They will develop systems and tools, and facilitate processes that build BEA’s internal and external communications capabilities and infrastructure (e.g. website development, brand guidelines, newsletters, etc). We anticipate that significant time (70%-80%) in the Director’s first year will be dedicated to this area.
  2. They will develop and implement BEA’s communications strategy in alignment with our overall strategic priorities: building the capacity of current and future environmental justice leaders and champions, and making the case for grassroots-centered policies and funding. As part of this effort, we expect that the Director will spearhead communications that amplify our members’ and grantees’ successes and solutions.

The ideal candidate will be fluent in English and Spanish. They can effectively tell the story of grassroots and frontline efforts and are knowledgeable about environmental and climate justice issues. The Director is a sophisticated communications professional who enjoys executing on a broad range of communications activities and is demonstrably skilled at engaging diverse audiences. They have previous experience working as a solo communications practitioner within an organization and enjoy working in small teams. The most competitive candidates have a strong eye for strategic vision and a deep understanding of the communications building blocks to make that vision a reality.

Read the full Communications Director Job description and apply here