Updated Name: Building Equity and Alignment for Environmental Justice

Over the last year, BEA has intentionally assessed our work to more effectively support the grassroots environmental movement. We had many thoughtful and courageous conversations, including interviews with stakeholders where we identified a need for more clearly articulating the space in which we are building equity and alignment. As a result of this process, we have updated our name to Building Equity and Alignment for Environmental Justice. 

This change affirms our longstanding commitment to framing our work in equity and making our vision more clear - shifting the power to grassroots groups to lead and inform environmental movements that lead to equitable funding practices and increased collaboration across all sectors. BEA’s mission is to foster authentic cross-sector relationships to advance the progress of the environmental movement towards a just transition to equitable funding. We shift power and resources from institutions to grassroots leadership as we transform the environmental movement. 

In 2021 and beyond, we will both sharpen and deepen our focus on advancing environmental justice as we directly manage our grantmaking arm, the BEA Fund. The BEA Fund provides crucial resources to organizations centered in community organizing, building partnerships, advancing a just transition, and building the capacity of the grassroots sector. 

Anchoring on the study definitions outlined in BEA’s landscape assessment, “Environmental Justice and Philanthropy: Challenges and Opportunities for Alignment,” one of BEA’s roles is that of an environmental justice intermediary and our name change to Building Equity and Alignment for Environmental Justice more explicitly centers the reason for our collective efforts. The study definition of environmental justice intermediaries includes organizations that support and are made up of members of grassroots, frontline, and community based EJ groups. For a full definition of Environmental Justice, please visit this link.