The goals of BEA, as envisioned by our growing group of grassroots leaders, national green group allies, and accompanying funder allies, are as follows:

  • To break down historic barriers among big green, grassroots and funding sectors; building authentic relationships toward greater alignment and solidarity
  • To expand the pool of resources available to the environment and overlapping progressive issues and shift that growing pool of resources to more equitably serve the grassroots organizing sector; 
  • To support philanthropic efforts toward a base-building, bottom-up, collaborative approach, and away from a funder-driven, top-down approach.  

The ecological collapse and its most direct impacts on communities of color, Indigenous peoples and low-income countries and communities require new conversations, relationships, and seats at the table. BEA’s innovative goals are designed to change the environmental movement as we know it, by connecting people power with financial power, building meaningful collaboration between sectors, and standing in solidarity to identify key legislative opportunities for leveraging our power as a united group.