BEA Staff


Jennifer Caster (she/her)
Program Manager
Jennifer Caster has been engaged with the BEA as an independent contractor, Administrative Assistant, and most recently as Program Manager. Her work has included logistic support for virtual meetings and - with the support of dozens of grantees - the production of the Grantee Spotlight Series (with more to come!).  Jennifer is a proud member of Actors Equity Association (AEA) and previously traveled the country working as a Stage Manager for various venues. A Midwesterner at heart, Jennifer now lives in Central New York. 
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Danielle Freire (she/her)
Development Director
Danielle has dedicated her career to ensuring success for nonprofit missions she cares about. During her time on fundraising teams both big and small, she’s recognized the value of maintaining seamless operations to increase efficiency and ultimately raise the resources needed to advance a variety of missions. Above all else, Danielle’s commitment to social justice enables her to authentically promote programs that empower families and highlight the voices of marginalized communities. Danielle most recently served as Associate Director of Development for Circle for Justice Innovations (CJI), a national grassroots grantmaker whose mission is to end the mass criminalization and incarceration of communities of color. She’s excited to continue her work in service of grassroots organizations and champion authentic collaboration through BEA. Danielle received her BA in Political Science from New Jersey City University and MS in Nonprofit Management from the New School.
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Photo of Linda Saleh

Linda Saleh (she/her)
Executive Director
Linda is a black East African activist currently based in New York City by way of Toronto. For 13 years, she has organized and been active across gender, reproductive, and youth justice movements; her goal always is the leadership of those most affected by injustice, the radical reimagining of societies, and the collective liberation of her communities. 

Most recently, Linda co-founded Feminist Solutions towards Global Justice, a feminist consulting practice that supports organizations’ strategy development, policy advocacy, and research efforts. She has significant experience engaging with global policy processes and has published several resources to support grassroots and national-level activism. Before this, Linda served as the Executive Director of a global youth-led human rights organization for four years. She holds degrees from Queen’s University and the London School of Economics and Political Science and has previously served on the board of the New York Abortion Access Fund.  She can often be found happily getting lost in nature with her heart dog Maple. 
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Markeya Thomas photo

Markeya Thomas (she/her)
Communications Director
Markeya Thomas is a professional communicator, having spent several years working on climate and environmental issues.

She has worked on projects for major climate moments including: NCA, Lancet, and IPCC reports, science attribution study releases, breaking news on extreme weather, and tracking the long term impacts of environmental racism, just transition, and climate reparations for recovery.

She is passionate about a world where climate and environmental justice is a part of the plan for community safety. In the US, your zip code determines your life expectancy, access to resources, and quality of healthcare. Environmental racism is slow violence with long term consequences against communities restricted by racist housing policies that impact where and how we live. Environmental issues intersect with many social justice issues and must be addressed in order to truly experience liberation. 

She is excited to join BEA and looks forward to pushing the needle in how not only we speak about climate and environmental issues, but how funding local organizing is the key to real environmental solutions. 
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