BEA Steering Committee

Dr. P. Qasimah Boston

Grassroots Representative
Tallahassee Food Network

My name is Dr. P. Qasimah Boston. I am a community advocate, trained in behavior science and public health practices and I have expertise in the National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services standards and in participatory processes. Through the Tallahassee Food Network, I practice my passion of working with people to improve community health and wellbeing and to strengthen community capacity to address food insecurity and mental health challenges which are deeply connected to EJ. My work in collaboration with many helps to ensure justice for all. As a co-founder of the Tallahassee Food Network, and a Moving Forward Network (MFN) Advisory Board member, my efforts to engage youth voices in the movement globally and to build the leadership capacity of young people align. 
Much of my Movement work is in small and rural communities and examples include; engaging community members in urban and rural communities to share perspectives and experiences regarding the impacts of COVID-19 and racism; engaging global youth voices in an annual youth symposium on food & hunger: opportunities for policy and change; engaging community voices in monthly conversations called, “Collards & Cornbread; and implementing a statewide campaign on the National Environmental Policy Act process. I teach West African dance and I actually made my own Kayak. Family is very important to me, and I spend a lot of time connecting to each of my family members. My motto is, “innovation makes it better” and “little by little a bird builds its nest.”

Jamesa Johnson-Greer, J.D. 

Grassroots Representative
Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Jamesa Johnson-Greer, J.D. is a Climate Justice Director for Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition where she works to build opportunities for community power to be exercised in climate and environmental policy. She is a creative, thoughtful leader with 10 years of experience in cross-disciplinary research, technical writing and grassroots advocacy focused on environmental justice, community and human rights. Jamesa is a graduate of Wayne State University Law School and is also an Alumna of the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus on Global Health and the Environment. As a native Detroiter, Jamesa is passionate about protecting society’s most vulnerable people and places through advocating for transformational systems change.

Carlos Marentes

Grassroots Representative
Border Agricultural Workers Project

Carlos Marentes has been a labor organizer and farm worker advocate since 1977. In 1983, he founded Sin Fronteras Organizing Project to support efforts to improve the working and living conditions of the migrant and seasonal farm workers of Southern New Mexico and Far West Texas. Marentes is also the founder and director of the Border Agricultural Workers Project, an effort to organize the farm workers of the US-Mexico border. He participates in many local, state and national organizations that deal with issues of poverty and economic inequality, and coordinates the International Committee on Migration and Rural Workers of La Vía Campesina and has attended many conferences and workshops in U.S. as well as in Mexico, Europe, India, South Africa and Southeast Asia, to advocate for migrant workers rights. 

Dwaign Tyndal 

Grassroots Representative
Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE)

Dwaign has over twenty-five years of professional experience in economic development, community and neighborhood development, youth development and workforce development. Throughout his professional experience, Dwaign has effectively led capable and diverse teams and has also been able to communicate complex public policies to various stakeholders to show how community-based partnerships can build stronger communities and empower residents and businesses to take active roles in their neighborhoods. ACE has attended BEA functions and has received funding from BEA.

Loren White Jr. 

Grassroots Representative
Indigenous Environmental Network

Loren has been working on environmental and economic justice for nearly 20 years and recently joined the IEN as the Community Development Coordinator. Since early in 2018 he has been working with Indigenous frontline communities to help design and develop, along with managing and maintaining the collaborative Regenerative Community Loan Fund. He is also assisting in bringing to fruition their projects that reflect their visions of sustainability and equity, based on the Principles of  Just Transition.  IEN has attended BEA functions and has been involved in many BEA discussions. 

Leslie G. Fields, ESQ.

Green Caucus 
Sierra Club

Leslie Fields brings thirty years of federal, state, local, and international environmental justice and environmental and civil rights law and policy experience to the Sierra Club. She serves on the boards of the Children’s Environmental Health Network and Empower DC. She also serves on the board of Adeso African Solutions (an East African natural resources and development organization based in Nairobi, Kenya) and has been an adjunct law professor at Howard University School of Law.  Fields was appointed by President Obama to serve on the Board of Directors of the Mickey Leland Urban Air Toxics Research Center. In 2018, she received the American Bar Association SEER Dedication to Diversity and Justice Award and the Sierra Club Mike McCloskey Award. In 2021, Fields received the Gertrude R. Rush Award from the National Bar Association. Leslie Fields is a graduate of Cornell University, the Georgetown University Law Center, and licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and the US Supreme Court. 

Michell McIntrye

Green Caucus
Center for Science and Democracy, Union of Concerned Scientists

Michell McIntyre is the policy director for the Center for Science and Democracy at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she coordinates the Center’s policy strategies, and helps align UCS research, supporter and member engagement, and government affairs for the greatest impact on advancing science-based policymaking.

Prior to joining UCS, Ms. McIntyre worked for Earthjustice, leading their campaign on access to justice and directing a team of lobbyists and litigators. Ms. McIntyre has also served as manager for the Coalition for Sensible Safeguards with Public Citizen, working to get quality science-based public protections passed and fighting off attacks on the US regulatory system, and as the Outreach Director for Labor & Workers Rights with the National Consumers League. Before entering the nonprofit sector, Michell was a political consultant for various progressive candidates and organizations including Sierra Club, Women's Voices Women Vote, American Federation of Teachers, and the AFL-CIO.

Ramya Sivasubramanian

Green Caucus
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Ramya works with communities of color and low-income communities to advocate and litigate for environmental justice. She has expertise using environmental and civil rights laws to ensure that these communities are not disproportionately burdened by environmental harms, such as freight-related air pollution or hazardous waste. Ramya, through colleagues at the NRDC, has followed the BEA's work and mission of building alignment between big greens, grassroots, and philanthropy and addressing the current and historical inequities in the environmental movement.

Trevor Thompson

Funder Representative
NorthLight Foundation

Trevor joined NorthLight in 2019, where he has focused on developing strategies and portfolios around climate justice in New York, climate and labor justice, climate and health, and mission-aligned investing that considers racial and environmental injustices. Trevor has previous experience in nonprofit management consulting and as a strategic foresight professional conducting long-term (e.g., 20-year) scenario development and forecasting, particularly focused on climate change, health, and emerging technologies. Trevor joined the BEA Steering Committee with the goal of bringing other funders along for the journey of adopting an under-resourced yet proven solution to environmental challenges: support for grassroots environmental justice work.

In loving memory of Cecil Corbin-Mark (1969-2020), champion of environmental justice and inaugural BEA Steering Committee member.